Who We Are


Named a top 50 practice for 2019 by The Architects Newspaper, Schiller Projects is an award winning design firm located in Manhattan. Our projects range from product development / branding to free-standing construction to analytics driven design. We operate as a data-first consultancy, leveraging our expertise in built design, graphic design, branding and strategy, we develop information based client-centered solutions. Our designs are fundamentally the outgrowth of rigorous investigation into the underlying data behind each challenge from data on performance in the workplace to wind, solar, water and earth conditions on a rural building site.

What We Do


All of our projects involve rigorous measurement and analysis. When we engage in residential design, for example, we investigate the path of the sun, the nature of the soil and the setting of the property – all in the context of our client’s needs.
When we engage in brand or workplace strategy, we spend time embedded within our clients spaces, working with them to understand what is crucial and what might be rethought. See our Workplace Strategy page to dig deeper.
Our construction projects employ the same attitude of investigation into material research, emerging technologies, energy efficiency, and creative leveraging of costs. Check out our Instagram to join our explorations in wood, concrete, steel and more.
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