Chilmark House Furniture Series


Status: Completed between 2011-2016

In approaching the interior elements for Chilmark House, we sought to complement the building materials in ways that provoked richness through contrast (e.g. soft & hard, orthogonal & organic) with a palette that drew upon the changing seasonal landscapes. We believe deeply in a holistic and collaborative approach to designing environments. To achieve a sense of equality and unity between the bedroom spaces, we designed a suite of freestanding bedroom furniture pieces that would unite the rooms but scale appropriately between them. Our collaborators and friends are noted below.

The Babylon Pendant


Our Babylon Pendant is one in a series of hanging light structures that looks to integrate lighting design and plant life. Utilizing low-heat lightning technology, we created troughs for wild flowers from the meadow located in the front of the house. Once a week, flowers are picked from just outside the front door and casually popped into place before dinner.

MVC Dresser/Desk


The tightly wrapped surface relaxes the hard lines of the design and creates a softness against the more angular shapes. The hovering nature of the dresser is intended to promote a sense of space as the floor slides beneath it, while the single desk leg explores the object as a piece of structural design.

Fabricated by our friend Rick Cantwell in Rhode Island.

Martha’s Vineyard Armoire


An armoire typically dominates a room, whereas our design seeks to obscure that fact by wrapping its hard edges in wool curtain, blurring the object’s intent and instilling a sense of mystery in the mundane. When open, this armoire’s function is clear — the object is entirely re-contextualized in the room.

Fabricated by our friend Rick Cantwell in Rhode Island.

Spiral Pendants


Our Spiral series utilizes LED technology to minimize the size of the driver, banish the transformer from the ceiling and compress a dense set of lights into a single spinning shape. When turned down to a soft glow, these night-sky inspired spirals become a pronounced line in space shifting between something fixed yet more ethereal.

JDS D Table


This dining table’s hand-carved lines swell up from its rounded base and extend to the table’s four tipped corners. We pushed the ends of the table out to create a positive tension between the heavy structural form and its ever-thinning tapered edges. This delicate balance led us to bolt the table directly into the flooring, forever linking furniture and structural design.

Fabricated and designed in collaboration with our friend  Caleb Woodard of Caleb Woodard Furniture, Nashville Tennessee.

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