How can a small regional office space be leveraged to provide for the holistic office needs of a dynamic global business?

Status: Completed 2015

Our Palo Alto, California client has long been working on some of the world’s largest legal cases for some of the world’s largest companies. With a broad caseload of prominent technology firms, BSF required a space that could support a full range of legal services.

We worked closely with a team of partners from across the firm’s national offices to identify their critical needs — What worked and did not work in their current work environments? — and to establish critical metrics for success in the new space.
Tasso-Street-Central-Floor-Plan-WEB_rotated-e1534182527833 strategic design consultancy
Through this investigative process it became clear that a traditional office configuration would not work. Our final design conceives of the office not just as fixed space, but as a platform that can accommodate many needs. The whole office can easily convert to be:
  • Three collaborative spaces
  • Two offices and a conference room
  • Three meeting rooms equipped for deposition, mediation and arbitration tasks
  • An open office, call room and conference center