How does a business evaluate the effectiveness of its environment while factoring in employee needs, collaboration, growth, and branding?


Data in any industry is only as good as what you measure. Our firm begins every project with a robust data collection and research phase, allowing us to analytically respond to our clients’ needs, empower their decision making, and validate our design decisions. Our projects represent a push into the greater role a design firm can play from re-thinking commercial space, to re-imagining the business practices that happen within that space

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Our approach focus combines our team’s capacity for spatial and design thinking with data analytics and measurement to create solutions for the workplace that are specifically tailored to the culture and nuances of each specific client.

How We Work

Each project begins with robust data collection and research, aligning us with our clients and supporting the development of analytical insights. We improve the community and culture, means of communication, and best approaches of investing in the future of their workplaces.
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Data Configuration

In order to make valid design decisions later in the process, collecting data and researching the client, the field, the people and the place is critical. We use different techniques to collect both quantitative and qualitative data, and support all of our lines
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Interviews, focus groups, and workshops allow for directed conversation to gain data on work culture.
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Spatial data is gathered through analysis of floor plans, office walk-throughs with personnel, and observation of office and ancillary space.
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Interviews, focus groups, and workshops allow for directed conversation to gain data on work culture.
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Environmental sensors include light, air, temperature, noise, and multiple forms of occupancy sensors.
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Workshop engaging employees in a RIDE exercise, where we ask individuals and teams what they would Retain, Introduce, Discard, and Enhance in their workplace.
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The booklets in which our client’s personnel record their responses, allowing us to understand their needs, translate that data into design solutions and empower our clients to make better informed decisions.

Program Analysis

Worktype studies and program analysis empower, catering to observed and communicated employee needs.
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I now walk to other lawyer's offices if I want to talk to him or her. In the old space, I most often called because of the amount of time it took to get to someone's office.

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I do all of my hiring interviews in the lounge. It is a perfect place to make the interviewee feel comfortable and appreciative...

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I'd like the introduction of a more open common area or space, a lunchroom or pantry.

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I use the cafe to bring in recruits, as it is more informal.

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Amenity spaces, such as espresso bars, libraries, and lounges, are catalysts of collaboration and employee retention.

Journey Mapping

By mapping the relationships of operational behaviours, of causes to effects, we reveal the underlying systems that connect people to their purpose within the workplace ecosystem.
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Left: Work pods immediately adjacent to private offices, all conveniently down the hall from a conference room space. | Right: Co-working space adjacent to a small kitchenette area for quick access to refreshments.